About Me


Photographer, print-maker & painter.

After studying Fine Art in my hometown of Newcastle, I moved to Brisbane to develop my business marketing skills. Continuing my love to create, I subsidised my studies by making & selling mosaic & decorative mirrors on consignment via retail outlets & markets.

Stoking the fire of my passion, I continued to create not only for myself but for the Brisbane community through my murals. As years passed, people still gave thanks & appreciation for ‘brightening up their day’.

After finalising my Business/Marketing studies, I made the move to Sydney and began my marketing career. I continued to create whenever I could while working full time in global marketing.

Inspired by Pop Art, music & New York art of the 80s, Michelangelo, Picasso, Kandinsky & Klee also offer a feast for my imagination.

My favourite place is my imagination. I see creativity as my therapy, it’s how I process life. I don’t like to draw or paint what my eyes see; I prefer to create what my imagination sees. My photographic abstraction technique allows me to do that with photography.

No restrictions because creativity has no boundaries.