About Me


A talented artist with business marketing acumen - Remine understands the business of art.

After studying Fine Art in her hometown of Newcastle, Remine moved to Brisbane to develop her business marketing skills. Continuing her love to create, she subsidised her studies by making & selling mosaic & decorative mirrors on consignment via retail outlets & markets.

Stoking the fire of her passion, she continued to paint not only for herself but for the Brisbane community through her murals. As years passed, people still gave thanks & appreciation for ‘brightening up their day’.

Remine made the move to Sydney and began her international corporate marketing career. Continuing to explore, create and paint, she also added graphic & web design to her tools.

Inspired by Pop Art, music & New York art of the 80s. Michelangelo, Picasso, Kandinsky & Klee also offer a feast for her imagination. Although she loves to create bodies of work that may be disparate, Remine's distinct influence can be seen across all her works.

“My favourite place is my imagination. When I paint I go to that utopic place. I see drawing & painting as my therapy. It’s how I process life. I don’t like to draw or paint what my eyes see; I prefer to create what my imagination sees. No restrictions because creativity has no boundaries.”

Remine is also a digital marketing professional as well as a graphic & web designer.